I am a 16 year old student in lower VI (unless it is after may 31st 2013, then i am 17). I wake board, long board and listen to scary music. I dont get on well with my dad but mum and Louis (my brother) are great. I don’t have much of particular interest going on with me emotionally or physically, being a heterosexual white middle class male with no mental conditions or other disabilities, but that doesnt mean i don’t have an opinion on them, because i do, being close friends with several members of the LGBT community (have a link) and I am willing to fight just as hard with them to stop anyone from treating them unfairly.

also, I will try and come up with a new sign off line for every post, so tell me if i use one twice for your money back (just kidding, i have no money) so i will use a really obscure one now so i don’t run out of them later if that makes any sense at all…

and thus concludes a pan dimensional address from the wonderfully charismatic and undeniably lovable

the magical pastie

(or was that too obvious…)



basically i’m going to be writing a horror story on the first Sunday of every month, there are a few things that i need to be ‘splainin’ about this though, because i was never going to be easy or make mush sense now, was I.

‘splnation 1: the reason that these may seem to b initially shoddy or not proof read is because, simply put, they aren’t. the simpole reason for this is because my consciousness consists of two things: being terrified of impossible things, and making up terrifying things. The stories i come up with are basically half of what i think about whenever i let my mind wonder, i have a tendancy to zone out completley and just write on auto pilot. So as you may have guessed, proof reading them kind of weirds me out a bit.


‘splanation 2: There is initially going to be only one story a month, because even that at the moment is a bit of a stretch for me because of exams filling my head with worries like ‘im not going to pass my psychology a level’ which tend not to make particularly good stories. There is a chance for this number to go up or maybe down a bit during summer when i have nothing better to do, or I may be predictable and not change anything and make sense (HAHA)


so yea thats the end of part two of the reason for this blog 😀


perpetual love as always

the magical pastie -x-


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