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IM BACK (probably)

holy shit its been a while

Basically i had a crazy ass summer and may or may not have bothered to write anything here because i’ma  lazy shit, so here’s the last 3 odd months in fast forward.

I broke up with my Girl Friend and got a lot of shit for it

I went to turkey, and jumped off a mountain because it was amazing

more things happened that are pretty insignificant 

apart from Thorpe park, which is always amazing

then i went back to school, drowned in work then got saved by the most amazing girl I have ever met (that’s all you’re getting on that, I have a new girlfriend, she is amazing, that is all you need to concern yourself with)

several metal / pop punk gigs happened and i got hit in the face a lot, then broke through the floor of a venue. because metal.

and that brings us roughly up to now, when i finally updated my blog with more nonsense that no body reads.
expect more horror stories (but not terrible this time) and even less proof reading.

love as always

the magical pastie x


About themagicalpastie

born may 31st 1996 I am a fan of wakeboarding, loingboarding, metal (the music), kites and horror stories.

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