untitled #1

As you may have guessed from the title, this horror short dos not yet have a title, but feel free to make suggestions, its a sort of half continuation of nightmares in that it shares the same sort of themes, but that’s about it. I have decided with this one to go for a more fast-paced type thing looking at our generalized fear as humans or lack of control over the world, and how people seem to react when they lose control of their internal as well as external view of the world. So, here we go again, enjoy


You know, it seemed like things were going well with my life, it really did. I had a decent relationship with my parents and brother, and this spectacular girl at work and I had gotten rather close in the last couple of weeks, I was as on top of the world as a lower – middle class 18 year old could be. Externally that’s all people saw of me, they didn’t notice the slight ticks every now and then, the swaying as my vision would begin not just to darken,  but sway and pulsate with strange colors. Or if they did, they were too polite to mention it to me.

Things were different when I was alone; I would let myself go and allow the darkness to surge forward from the back of my skull and begin to fill me up, i had nothing else to do, keeping it down was like trying to hold on to an electric fence. Sometimes the ‘episodes’, as I would later hear them referred to, were not particularly severe, i would just lie on my bed or the floor for a couple of minutes with a feint sense of falling. Te shadows in my head would sometimes even give me some time off from their tampering with my perception, weather there was a reason for this other than to simply build up their strength again for the next big hit I will never know, I just appreciated these days for what they were worth, and allowed myself to try and appear as a normal teenager, because i knew what was coming next would be almost the complete opposite.

After these days off it would be  much harder to control the shadows, as if they had upped their voltage. I would have to make yet another bullshit excuse to take the day of college whilst my parents both went off to work, and allow the insane carnival of madness to carry me away from my own body and bounce me around the inside of my skull.  Sometimes I would come up again an find myself sat on the tiled kitchen floor surrounded by candle wax melted into strange formations around me, like those crop circles people used to find in the 80’s. Sometimes it was blood on the floor. I would never remember anything I did whilst under, but the collection of ruler straight scars building into a dense lattice on my chest and stomach would usually have some fresh new additions, never deep but just nasty enough to leave feint pink lines trailing through the flesh. And this was just the start of something. Something much worse than anything from this universe could ever inflict on another living creature.

It was  a pretty normal day for me when the major event happened; I was going about my day when the darkness surged forwards with a strength i had never before experienced, I had no choice but to let it take control and fill my mind with ink. But this time was different. This time the thick blackness slammed into the backs off my eyes and just kept going, propelling my thoughts up and into another place beyond anything imaginable on a wave of pure dark, drawing shadows towards it as it surged forward and gaining yet more strength. I felt like there was no possible way that i could pull this back, my body would just be stuck there on the floor, alive but with no life. I would be taken to hospital where they would plug all sorts of leads into me and pump me full of chemicals i an attempt to bring me back. And I hate needles.

Fueled by this new pulse of fear I sort of jumped myself forwards and span round to face the darkness pushing me forwards, my head full of bold ideas for how to beat it back down into my subconscious or better yet, clean out of my head, but even then that seemed unlikely, and that’s before i saw what i was facing. The night sky, the parts between the stars, seems to be the most perfect darkness you could think of, but this smear was far worse. It didn’t just not reflect light, but seemed to collect it, I could feel it still drawing on the light from where my body lay and nullifying it, filling this void with its tendrils and polluting everything behind it. Looking down on this monstrosity I realized i had no hope of taming it, there was no way I could possibly stop it from finally taking me over completely. I took a weak swing for one of the arms which seemed small and it simply batted me away, into the swing of another, much larger one. This was when my life on earth ended, i was swept down and into the heart of this beast and felt myself falling through the universe itself. This is what death felt like, surely? But no, I slammed to a sudden stop on a large concave surface, it was like lying in the middle of a radar dish, but far more slippery  and there was a thin film of watery slime that clung to me then fell off in large, splashy globs.

I looked up and saw something that pumped ice through my heart. There was a huge pink mass suspended above me, behind a large glass dome that covered me. It flickered slightly and waves of tiny sparks occasionally traversed its wrinkled veined surface. It was clear after a second that this huge object was a brain. But, though a terrifying thought to begin with being trapped in ones own head, what i noticed above it was what really terrified me. The shadows had spread out and filled the space around the brain with their cloying grip, and they were beginning to force their way down, into the core of the system that  functions as the main control center of the brain.

A wave of darkness washed over me and i was knocked onto my front, face down in the gelatinous mess i was standing on. A thin sliver of light sliced through the space below me and it looked as if two shades were dragging their way open, revealing more and more of the life i used to live.

The shadow opened its eyes for the first time standing with a carving knife grasped in this rudimentary creatures fist. It took its first steps forward and left the house to find its companions.