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so this blog now has a purpose

so yea, as some of you may recall, I wrote, or rather made an attempt at writing a horror short. I was expecting this to go the way of other posts and fall on dead ears, but it actually had a bit of a response, with someone actually re blogging it (crazy, i know).

SO here’s the plan. on the first Sunday of every month i will try damn hard to provide a new horror story for you guys, if all of those go well i will start up a separate blog for them so it’s easier to read them all in one place without teenage angst getting in between. Most of these stries will be based on matters of the mind and madness, especially mental conditions and the loss of self control  but i will pretty much be writing whatever scary things i can think of and seeing what gets the best responses from you guys.

Thanks again for giving me the push to actually do this for you, I’ve been considering writing for a while now and this has really encouraged me to actually get some of my work out there for people to read rather than immediately deleting it. so thanks for that 🙂

that shall be all this time


the magical pastie x


About themagicalpastie

born may 31st 1996 I am a fan of wakeboarding, loingboarding, metal (the music), kites and horror stories.

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