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just though i would update you guys quickly as to why i am being pretty crappy with my sort of every sunday pattern, its basically because I have my As levels, but fear not!

i have half term next week and some pretty awesome horror ideas to run through you guys and see how you react ūüôā

love from a distance as always

the magical pastie. x


steampunk is slowly consuming all my free time

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Hello readers of this wonderfully interesting blog


S basically rather than revising for my a levels, which i am currently in the middle of, i have spent my time with a friend of mine designing and preparing to build all manner of crazy steampunk things over summer. These will be,m as her pictures hopefully show, pretty damn amazing and i owe a lot to her for doing those for me, but more on that later. First of all i’m gonna assume that, like most of my friends you guys don’t really know what steampunk is, so I’ll give you a quick and simple whirlwind tour of the ideas behind steampunk, at least from my perspective anyway.


From what I have made of it, steampunk is a design style which essentially revolves around the idea of a parallel reality in which, during the Victorian era, rather than building the internal combustion engine and heavier than air flight, we had continued to work on improving steam power and airship designs, meaning we ended up in practically the same place, except everything is steam and clockwork powered rather than petrol powered, meaning it looks so much more amazing, usually involving gears, random pipes and tubes and a hell of a lot of brass and copper. If you just Google image search for steampunk anything someone has probably done it, and it probably looks amazing.

So back to those pictures at the beginning of the post; they are essentially the designs i came up with, then sent to a friend of mine to do the artistic designs for me we essentially work as an awesome duo with me coming up with ideas for stuff to make and technical drawings which i wont show, because they suck, then i send them to her and she makes them look oh so pretty and impressive  We have sourced all the things we need at the moment apart from really tiny brass or copper bars for the finger apparatus (we need maybe 3 Р5 mm copper bar, and a few lengths of copper tubing with a 4 Р6 mm interior diameter, if anyone has any ideas where to get that from) but then we will assemble it over summer and it will be awesome.

The current plan is to attain some goggles as well then attend minami in Southampton next year with a few buddies of mine, so anyone else coming along drop me a line and we can meet up and bee all steampunky together and it shall be awesome.


Love as always from the arch mechanic

The magical pastie -x-


so this blog now has a purpose

so yea, as some of you may recall, I wrote, or rather made an attempt at writing a horror short. I was expecting this to go the way of other posts and fall on dead ears, but it actually had a bit of a response, with someone actually re blogging it (crazy, i know).

SO here’s the plan. on the first Sunday of every month i will try damn hard to provide a new horror story for you guys, if all of those go well i will start up a¬†separate¬†blog for them so it’s easier to read them all in one place without teenage angst¬†getting¬†in between. Most of these stries will be based on matters of the mind and madness, especially¬†mental¬†conditions and the loss of self¬†control¬† but i will pretty much be writing whatever scary things i can think of and seeing what gets the best responses from you guys.

Thanks again for giving me the push to actually do this for you,¬†I’ve¬†been considering writing for a¬†while¬†now and this has really encouraged me to actually get some of my work out there for people to read rather than¬†immediately¬†deleting it. so thanks for that ūüôā

that shall be all this time


the magical pastie x