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Please excuse the probably inexcusable mistakes in the grammar of this, but i’m writing this more to get these things out of my head and on to the computer, so that maybe, MAYBE they leave me alone and let me sleep. 99% of this is based on my experiences pretty much every time i try and sleep these days, bear that in mind. They don’t like me telling you about how they work, i can feel them watching, but i’m going to take that as a sign that it will help me somehow… so here goes.


It starts off pretty much the same way every night, i go to sleep at a reasonable hour for any teenager after a suitable fill of the internet, adventure time and psychological literature, with the red light of my clock flooding the room with a quasi light, allowing me to discern shapes and outlines, but no details. That’s where the relative normalness ends. I usually ‘wake up’ again after what feels like seconds, but i can’t really tell, i look at the clock but it just seems to be displaying lights, no actual numbers that i can gain some form of bearing from, just staring over the room like a dead eye. Not only that but my matress feels like it has been filled with wet cement, I can move, but only just and it takes a great deal of effort. Even i know what is about to happen i wear myself out simply from trying to get out from underneath this gelatinous weight pressing down on my whole body. I start to panic, it feels like some sort of horrific reverse ketamine trip, rather than being out of my body, but able to control myself, I can simply watch from behind my own eyes as I struggle uselessly,, then i begin to look around the room.

They don’t like me  doing this… it’s scaring them for some reason, i can’t see them, but i can feel them, scraping and clawing at my neck, whispering in my ear.

The shadows in my room are usually abstract and indiscernible, like all shadow, but when i am in this state they just feel wrong for some reason, they seem too abstract, too unshapely. then i realize they are moving. Not fast to begin with, but just enough to be noticeable, changing shape slightly, seeming to be trying to break out of whatever is constraining them, i assume light levels or something but I’ve never thought about it too hard. Then one ‘breaks free’

they’re inside my head, tugging at my body from the inside, i don’t feel in control of myself any more but i know i have to keep fighting. for my own good. Its gone too far now to ever think about ending this. Unless I end everything. End my existence. And take the shadows with me.

Its small, like from a lamp or something on my desk, but it scuds across the wall to a large clean patch and just hangs there, undulating. Not just laterally anymore, but pushing in and out of the wall. Warping plaster and paint, and other shadows are being drawn towards it, like the dead heartbeat of a scepter. well, i say like. Others also begin to break free. Small still at this point. They form three, sometimes four or even five more of these hearts. They beat out of time for a while, before stopping and restarting in synchronization with each other, and twice as powerfully. Reaching out to me and cracking the paint as they push through from some other place.

That sounds like the best option at the moment. But they still wont let me. my clothes are the things filled with cement now. I can hardly move anymore., I am afraid to turn for fear of what is behind me, crawling over my skin. Breathing down my neck. I can’t reach a knife, or rope, and the window to jump from is completely out of the question. oh god i can’t move. I can’t move. no. I have to keep going.

the hearts are like little planets now. The pulsating permeates through the walls and i begin to see larger objects dragging at their restraints. breaking out and engulfing one of the cores, expanding it and giving it a more meaningful shape. After just a few seconds I realize what shapes they are creating. And I can do nothing to stop them. As more and more shadows drag across the wall, chipping paint and flaking plaster as they go, joining with the others it becomes clear that they are not just shadows anymore, but parts of a collection of wholes. They shape up as (usually) three black, human-esque figures, but only loosely. They have a distinguished top and bottom, a head and presumably something that could be called feel, but it looks more like the bottom hem of some sort of cloak.

I can hardly control them anymore. They are inside my whole being now,  not just my body but my mind. Images distort and memories shatter as i try and cling on to whatever is keeping me here. Keeping them from truly taking me to the other place.

Those are the only features i can work out at this point, everything between is simply a mass of darkness. Not a shadow anymore, but something else entirely. Shadows still have some sort of radiance to them. They are really a dark shade of grey. But not these shadows. They are not simply the absence of light, but the absence of any sort of substance at all, they seem to trap any passing light and hold it behind them. They have gone beyond darkness now to something much, much worse. Something i can’t understand, let alone describe through simple words. And still they are pulsating. Pressing. forcing the facade holding them back crumbles to dust, not in a dramatic manner, but completely silently. It seems as if these things can control anything, be anything, do anything they feel needs doing. They begin to walk towards me in long, stalking strides, covering the best part of two meters with every…

they don’t like me describing them, but it seems to be doing them harm somehow, their grip around me is loosening  the inky tendrils still stretch deep into my psyche, but their ends are beginning to fray, to release their grip. I think I may be OK soon if i can just. Keep. Going.

…step they take, until they have surrounded my bed. A solid wall of impenetrable darkness descends over my body as they lean in. I still don’t know what they are intending to do with me, but i know that death would be a true release from this terror. This unknowing horror of what is to come, but i find out soon enough. They lean closer and closer, at impossible angles now. But these creatures don’t function by our laws. They keep coming until they seem to be laying on the air just above me, all of them separate  yet somehow all in the same place, parallel with my body and directly above me. And they begin to descend.

they are LEAVING. their grip is relenting. slowly. but they are giving me back my life. the tiny kernel in the darkness that was me is growing again. Filling my body, and my mind again.

They enter my body and i can feel my life draining from me from the inside out, i feel this bed shall become my deathbed, but the feeling of hollowness only spreads until it is just under my skin. It never breaks the surface. I am no longer my own person any more, merely a consciousness trapped in the glass domes of these eyes. I can only watch as I lose control of myself entirely.

I had no hope. They have been within me since the first night. They permeate my existence and drive my mind round and round and round until i can no longer keep track of anything any more. I am forced to submit my life to this non existence  watching as they consume me, and my soul decays within an empty vessel. empty save for the darkness.


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born may 31st 1996 I am a fan of wakeboarding, loingboarding, metal (the music), kites and horror stories.

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  1. Reblogged this on kattman420 and commented:
    Nightmares never let you sleep!! I had a couple of really violent nightmares, and I was awaken very violently, I then sat on my front steps, crying so hard that It really hurt my stomach!! I have been suffering from nightmares for quite sometime, but these nightmares really had me going nuts, and I don’t think that I’ve ever been rocked like this before, and I’ve never, ever had been so scared of going back to sleep again!!! I know that this is no comfort, but your not alone in having nightmares!! The reason I’m writing, is because I wanted to let you know that you have a fellow man, whom suffers from this type of torture, and, to me, that is what nightmares are, nothing but torture, and for me, I can’t never remember what my nightmares were about. But, the fear is none the less real, and being scared of going back to sleep is none the less real. Thank you for sharing your thought’s, and remember, your not alone.

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