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try to read this without music (unless you normally have music… then turn music on and try and read)

Greetings, faceless peons of the abyss

I was at work the other day at the wonderfully glamorous establishment of J.D. wetherspoons, lymington, clearing plates of microwaved pre-heated food into a bin full of other microwaved, pre-heated food and generally being anyone who was sat a tables bitch when it suddenly struck me how damn quiet the damn place was, i’m used to the place being really noisy and, ya know, generally like a wetherspoons bar, but today was different. Despite the place being nearly full there was only a light buzz of conversation, no shouting, no laughter, and no drunken singing (much to everyone’s disappointment) and i realized just how uncomfortable i was with the lack of noise. I mentioned this to another woman who was on shift and a fair bit more senior to me, and she said that she loved nothing more than when the bar was all quiet and dull like this, which prompted an interesting and useless debate in my head which i will share with you all right now. The question was this: why the hell do teenagers always need noise?

and i came up with many fascinating and obscure tangents involving evolution and awkward, drunken love children of two psychological theories which were never supposed to be mixed, but they are simply too crazy to shoot in to the ether willy – nilly, so i will tell you the one which makes some kind of sense to most people ( i hope)

The idea was that we have been brought up with permanent noise, not necessarily talk but music, or traffic outside, or the tv or the almost tangibly grey drone which politicians emit on a daily basis … the list goes on forever as to what noises we hear throughout the day, and this is why, when we are actually in a place which isn’t constantly feeding our ear holes with useless sound, we feel like it is quiet. To quiet, almost any situation these days can be turned awkward or just straight up eerie by a lack of sounds, and hence the title.

For people who do always have music on to break the silence (such as myself (in case anyone was wondering the current song is: the bitch that stole my wife, by chancery blame and the gadjo club, i can strongly recommend)) then you will have noticed by now the inherent sense of discomfort gained from the lack of usual stimulus to your ears. And people who don’t need music to function when alone, i am simply curious to see if you have the same reaction, but in reverse YES, YOU HAVE BEEN MY UN KNOWING LAB RATS ALL ALONG MWAHHAHAHA… ahem… anyway, if you do feel the same, go ahead and comment, go on, humour me.

Love and Kisses from the land where the sun never shines (England)

The magical Pastie x


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born may 31st 1996 I am a fan of wakeboarding, loingboarding, metal (the music), kites and horror stories.

One response to “try to read this without music (unless you normally have music… then turn music on and try and read)

  1. I’ve hated loud noise ever since I was little, and if I’m in a largeish group of people (however well I know them) I find myself panicking. I find I actually prefer it when it’s quiet.
    Mind you I never claimed to be normal, and it’s definitely harder to find places which are totally quiet now. I agree we’re all more used to noise.

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